Best Pool Chemicals

Maintaining a swimming pool requires a diligent balance of chemistry to ensure the water stays clear, clean, and safe for swimmers. Pool chemicals are essential in controlling bacteria, algae, and other organic contaminants that can populate the water. They work together to sanitise the pool, balance pH levels, and keep the water inviting. The regular use of these chemicals is a fundamental part of pool maintenance.

Choosing the right pool chemicals involves considering your specific pool type, water source, and usage pattern. There are several products on the market, including chlorine, which is widely recognised for its effectiveness in killing bacteria and sanitising water. However, there are alternatives like bromine, which is gentler on the skin and eyes, and saltwater pool systems that produce chlorine naturally through electrolysis. For those who have a preference or sensitivity, it’s crucial to consider the active ingredients and their potential impacts.

When shopping for pool chemicals, it’s also important to look at factors like the formulation’s compatibility with your pool’s materials, its ease of use—whether it’s in tablet, liquid, or granular form—and the accuracy of the dosing requirements. It’s not just about sanitising—the right chemicals will also help maintain the pool’s pH and alkalinity at the correct levels to prevent damage to the pool’s surfaces and equipment.

Our team believes that equipping yourself with the best pool chemicals is the key to an enjoyable and hygienic swimming experience. We have conducted extensive research and real-world testing on a variety of pool chemical products to find the ones that are reliable, effective, and offer good value. Now, let’s move forward to examine the options that can help keep your pool at its best throughout the swimming season.

Top Pool Chemicals

Maintaining a pristine and safe swimming pool requires the use of high-quality chemicals. We’ve researched and tested various options to ensure our selection meets the needs of different pool systems and preferences. Each product on our list has proved effective in keeping pool water balanced, clear, and free from harmful bacteria and algae. Whether you’re looking for chlorine tablets, pH balancers, or algaecides, we’ve got you covered with the best products to keep your pool in top condition all season long.

LanPool Chlorine Floater

Our team believes this chlorine dispenser is a brilliant choice for pool owners seeking both functionality and a bit of nighttime flair.


  • Impressive solar-powered lighting
  • Hassle-free usability with an easy-open design
  • Durable and suitable for all seasons


  • Only compatible with certain tablet sizes
  • Solar lights may not be necessary for all users
  • Higher price point compared to basic models

We recently had the pleasure of using the LanPool Chlorine Floater in our community pool and were delighted with its performance. Not only was it a functional dispenser for chlorine tablets, but it also transformed our pool area come nightfall with its eye-catching celestial lights. The ease of adding chlorine tablets without tedious unscrewing was definitely appreciated by our pool maintenance crew.

During the day, we hardly knew it was there, quietly ensuring our pool’s cleanliness. But as dusk turned to evening, the solar-powered lights cast a vivid glow across the water, creating an enchanting atmosphere for our late-night swimmers. It was notably buoyant and never once faltered in its upright position, which meant uninterrupted cleaning action and no worries about it sinking to the bottom.

Its solid construction reassured us that this floater wouldn’t succumb to the harsh Australian sun or chlorine damage anytime soon. Folding away for off-season storage was straightforward, and since the compartment accommodates a good number of chlorine tablets, we weren’t constantly refilling it. Although the solar lights are a novel touch, they don’t add to the actual pool cleaning, which is something to consider if you’re after simplicity. But if you enjoy a dash of spectacle with your pool upkeep, we can’t recommend this clever product enough.

HTH Pool Care Tabs

We reckon your pool will thank you for using HTH Chlorine Tabs because they merge ease of use with effectiveness.


  • Help keep pool water crystal clear
  • Suitable for all pool types, including salt systems
  • Tabs are slow-dissolving for long-lasting chlorine release


  • Can require careful handling due to their chemical nature
  • May not dissolve evenly in certain water conditions
  • Regular testing needed to maintain optimal chlorine levels

After tossing a few HTH Chlorine Tabs into our pool’s skimmer, the water transformed; it became noticeably clearer within a day. We found these tabs incredibly convenient, as they can be used in various dispensers and dissolved steadily over the week.

Testing our water twice a week with HTH Test Strips, as per the recommendation, helped us easily keep the chlorine levels within the ideal range. We’ve noticed that this routine also helps in preventing bacteria and algae from becoming unwelcome guests in our pool.

We’ve tried different brands, but what sets HTH Tabs apart is their compatibility with both above ground and inground pools, including saltwater systems. We’ve found that using the correct size, either 1″ for smaller pools or 3″ for larger ones, ensures the best performance of these tabs.

LeisureQuip Maintenance Kit

We reckon this kit is a sound investment for new spa owners who need a comprehensive solution for water treatment.


  • Simplifies water chemistry for beginners
  • Effectively increases water clarity and sanitation
  • Includes a helpful log book for maintenance tracking


  • Test strip colours may bleed, requiring careful handling
  • Some users may find they need additional quantities for larger pools
  • Scum absorber requires frequent checks to maintain effectiveness

After recently using the LeisureQuip Maintenance Kit in our spa, we observed a noticeable improvement in both water balance and clarity. The included test strips made it a breeze to gauge our spa’s chemical needs; within moments, we could adjust the alkalinity and pH to ideal levels, ensuring a comfortable bathing experience free from irritation.

The ScumBoat Scum Absorber that comes with the kit is a nifty addition. We tossed it in and watched it work its magic, soaking up oils and grime. It did its job well, though keeping an eye on it and giving it a rinse now and then was necessary to maintain its efficiency.

Having all the necessary chemicals in one bundle is incredibly convenient, especially for those just getting familiar with spa upkeep. The spa care log book proves invaluable for keeping track of treatments and understanding how different conditions affect water quality over time. It’s like having a spa maintenance diary that helps us learn and adapt to our hot tub’s needs.

AIMALL Pool Care Combo

We believe this pool care solution might not meet everyone’s expectations, but it could suit those with smaller pools or spas looking for a convenient, floating chemical dispenser.


  • Handy for smaller pools or hot tubs due to ease of use
  • The chlorine tablets are sun-stabilised, offering better longevity in direct light
  • Innovative dispenser design aids in proper chlorine dispersal


  • Tablets are smaller than expected, potentially less effective for larger pools
  • Low customer rating signals potential issues with performance or expectations
  • Based on just a few reviews, it’s hard to gauge long-term reliability

Our first-hand experience with the AIMALL Pool Cleaning Tablets and Floating Chlorine Dispenser was mixed. On arrival, we noticed the tablets were quite small, which was initially concerning. We were used to larger tablets for pool maintenance, so we questioned how well these would perform.

Upon using the tablets, we appreciated their sun-stabilised feature. Our outdoor spa is often in direct sunlight, and these held up better than some other brands we have tried in the past. We also liked the floating chlorine dispenser’s design—very easy to set up.

Despite the ease of use, we did have some reservations. The small size of the tablets required us to question their suitability for larger pools. They seemed more appropriate for hot tubs or small above-ground pools. We also noticed existing reviews reflected dissatisfaction. While personal experience is key, consumer feedback can be a strong indicator of product quality.

Ultimately, it comes down to the specific needs of your pool or spa—which size, which type, and how much maintenance you’re willing to put in. The AIMALL Pool Care Combo has potential, but ensure your expectations align with the capabilities of smaller tablets and the early feedback from customers.


We reckon this HTH pH Up is a solid choice if you’re looking to maintain your pool’s pH balance with ease.


  • Straightforward application for immediate swimming
  • Effective in preventing stains and corrosion on pool surfaces
  • Enhances chlorine efficiency and swimmer comfort


  • May require multiple treatments for significant pH adjustments
  • The resealable pouch could be sturdier
  • Larger pools might go through the product quickly

Maintaining the right pH balance in our pool has always been a crucial task for us, and HTH pH Up makes it a breeze. With recent rainfall disrupting our water chemistry, we found that this product effectively raised the pH level, preventing the dreaded green water scenario. The clarity of the water improved significantly, and the swimmer comfort is apparent, with no eye or skin irritations reported since we started using it.

We appreciate how HTH pH Up fits into our weekly pool care routine. Using HTH 6-Way Test Strips, we’ve managed to keep our pool water consistently within the ideal pH range. It’s been a relief to see the chlorine work more efficiently, meaning we get the most out of our pool chemicals without unnecessary wastage.

Our experience with HTH pH Up affirms its convenience. We introduced it directly into the water and were back to enjoying our swim almost immediately without any concerns. The product works just as well in our saltwater system as it does in traditional chlorine pools, making it versatile for various pool owners. Its ability to prevent stain and scale buildup is an added bonus, safeguarding the longevity of our pool surfaces.

WWD POOL Spa Dispenser

We reckon the WWD POOL Spa Dispenser is an efficient tool for maintaining your pool’s cleanliness without fuss.


  • Hassle-free tablet refilling with its easy-access design
  • Customisable chemical release ensures the right balance in your pool
  • Neutral colours blend nicely with pool or spa surroundings


  • Can struggle to float with an uneven load of tablets
  • Durability may be compromised over continual exposure to chemicals
  • Lack of volume control feature found in other models

Keeping our pool water in tip-top condition has become a more streamlined task with this nifty dispenser. Proper usage means you won’t be constantly checking on chlorine levels, which is a huge time-saver. Its adjustability for different chemical amounts is brilliant; you can dial in the exact rate of dispenser to match your pool’s needs.

We noticed it has a rather discreet look dispite its practicality, which is a nice touch—it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Yet, it’s vital to load the tablets evenly; otherwise, the dispenser may tilt or become submerged, which isn’t ideal and something we had to manage carefully.

Though sturdy upon first use, we’re aware that plastic and chemicals don’t always play nice in the long run. The absence of a volume control mechanism is a slight drawback, but overall, it doesn’t take away from the dispenser’s effectiveness. Versatile and relatively low-maintenance, this dispenser worked well for our modest-sized spa.

CopperFlo Ioniser

We reckon it’s a solid buy for those wanting to keep their pool water clean with less chemical use.


  • Extends the life of pool chemicals
  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Environmentally friendly option


  • Initial cost may be high
  • Might not eliminate chlorine use completely
  • Requires sunlight to operate effectively

Pool maintenance can feel like a full-time job, but the CopperFlo Ioniser has changed the game for us. Using this device has noticeably dropped the algae levels in our pool. We can actually enjoy the weekend rather than wrestling with pool chemicals.

The science behind this gadget is pretty interesting. It uses solar power to release copper ions which keeps the pool clean and the water clear. Since we started using it, we’ve cut back significantly on chlorine, which means less time worrying about balancing chemicals and more time for a swim.

What’s more, the fact that it’s solar-powered is a win for us. There’s no running cost and it’s better for the environment. But remember, it needs a sunny spot to work its best. It’s a bit of an investment upfront, but from our experience, the CopperFlo Ioniser is a safe bet for anyone looking to save time and money on pool maintenance in the long run.

Refreshpool Quick Tablets

We reckon you should consider these tablets for a fuss-free cleaning experience, though they might not be the top pick for everyone.


  • Effectively protects against UV rays
  • Designed for versatile use across various pool types
  • Simple application with included floating dispenser


  • May dissolve too quickly without cleaning effectively
  • Limited customer reviews to verify overall quality
  • Low star rating could indicate potential issues

Having recently had a go with the Refreshpool Quick Tablets, we’ve found a mixed bag of traits. First up, dropping a tablet into the pool dispenser was a breeze, and the water seemed a touch clearer initially. The dispenser floats around doing its job, which is great for hands-off maintenance.

However, we noticed the tablets disappeared pretty rapidly compared to other brands. While the packaging touts longevity, our real-world dip suggests otherwise. It’s one thing to promise extended sparkle, it’s another to deliver.

Despite their ease of use across different pool types, some mates have murmured about the efficacy. A good clean demands more than a fast fizz, and that’s where these tablets might leave you hanging. Always best to cross-check with additional customer feedback before taking the plunge with this product.

Aussie Gold Deluxe Dispenser

We reckon this Aussie Gold Deluxe Dispenser is a top choice for maintaining your pool water with minimal fuss.


  • Effortlessly dispenses chemicals with adjustable control
  • Safety lock lid helps keep kids out
  • Durable, UV stabilised material withstands harsh chemicals


  • Floating mechanism could be cumbersome in smaller pools
  • May require frequent refilling for very large pools
  • Safety lid might be tricky for some users to operate

In our experience, the Aussie Gold Deluxe Floating Chlorine/Bromine Tablet Dispenser hits the mark when it comes to maintaining a clean pool with minimal effort on our part. The adjustable control is a breeze, allowing us to dial in the right amount of chemical release depending on the pool’s needs.

The thoughtful design with its sturdy construction and safety lock is a big winner, especially in homes like ours with curious little ones. And we can’t ignore the Aussie durability; this UV-stabilised plastic has survived the scorching summer sun and pool chemicals without showing signs of wear.

We also appreciate its generous size because it saves us precious time – we’re not constantly checking or refilling the dispenser. True, it might look a bit bulky in a smaller pool, but that’s a small price to pay for its efficiency in our pool parties. The lid’s safety mechanism ensures little hands stay safe, though it requires a bit of getting used to when opening and closing the dispenser.

Lalapool Large Dispenser

If you’re in pursuit of an effortless way to maintain your pool clean and sanitised, this Lalapool dispenser should top your list.


  • Excellent chlorine dispersion throughout the pool
  • The adjustable control is spot-on for different sized pools
  • Robust and durable design ensuring longevity


  • After extended use, the structure may compromise and lead to sinking
  • Can be tricky to open and refill for some users
  • Only supports tablets up to 3 inches, not suitable for larger options

In our experience, the Lalapool Large Dispenser has proven itself to be a real game-changer. The clever design allows it to navigate the pool surface seamlessly, ensuring chlorine is effectively spread, keeping the water pristine and ready for enjoyment at a moment’s notice.

We’ve found the adjustable ring to be a remarkably useful feature. Tailoring the chemical release to suit our pool’s size and usage can be done with a mere twist. This means we’re always confident that our pool stays just the right level of chlorinated without the hassle of constant monitoring.

However, after a summer’s usage, we did notice the wear and tear. The dispenser started to show evidence of leakage, and whilst this is common with such items over time, it would’ve been great to see unmatched durability in this department.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we’ve got to admit that Lalapool’s after-sales support service has been second to none. Any qualms about the product’s lifespan are somewhat alleviated by their prompt and earnest customer service.

Encasing up to 3-inch tablets, the dispenser can hold an adequate supply, reducing our need for frequent refills. It’s this kind of convenience that makes it a hit for us, and likely for any pool owner who wants more time swimming and less time fussing with maintenance.

Buying Guide

When selecting pool chemicals, we need to be well-informed about our options. The right choice will ensure a clean and safe swimming environment. Let’s explore the key features to look for:

Types of Chemicals

Pool chemicals come in various forms, including liquids, tablets, and granules. Your choice depends on your pool’s specific needs and the convenience you prefer.

Essential Qualities

Consider these crucial properties:

  • Efficacy: The chemical should effectively sanitise and control bacteria and algae.
  • Stability: Look for products that remain active over a broad range of temperatures and pH levels.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the product is suitable for your pool type, whether it’s vinyl, fibreglass, or concrete.

pH Level

Maintaining a proper pH level (7.2 – 7.8) is vital. Acquire a test kit to regularly monitor the pH, and seek chemicals that help stabilise it.


Store chemicals in a cool, dry place, away from children and pets. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.


Compare the longevity and dosing requirements. Bulk-buying may offer savings, but avoid over-purchasing to prevent wastage.

Below is a table summarising what to look out for:

FormLiquid, tablet, granule – decide based on convenience
EfficacyMust effectively sanitise and prevent algae growth
StabilityShould function efficiently across temperature/pH variations
CompatibilityMust be suitable for your pool’s material
pH Level ManagementAbility to maintain ideal pH levels
SafetyEasy and safe storage, with clear usage instructions
CostEvaluate long-term cost-efficiency and necessary quantities

By focussing on these features, we can make an educated decision and maintain an inviting and hygienic pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

With proper care, we can ensure that our swimming pools stay sparkling clean and safe for use. Here, we answer some common queries regarding the critical pool chemicals required for maintaining a pristine pool.

What are the essential chemicals needed for maintaining a swimming pool?

We require a few core chemicals to maintain a swimming pool. These include a sanitizer like chlorine or bromine to keep the water free from pathogens, a pH balancer to maintain the water at a safe level, which is typically between 7.2 and 7.8, alkalinity increaser to stabilise the pH, and calcium hardness increaser to prevent plaster damage.

How does one select the appropriate sanitizer for their pool?

Choosing the right sanitizer depends on the pool’s size, the frequency of usage, and our personal preferences. Chlorine is widely used for its effectiveness and cost-efficiency; however, for those with sensitive skin, a gentler alternative like bromine might be more appropriate.

What are the differences between pool shock and regular sanitising agents?

Pool shock is a highly concentrated chemical used to break down organic contaminants and chloramines, whereas regular sanitising agents maintain a continuous level of disinfection. Shock treatment is a periodic boost to a regular sanitizing routine, needed to keep the water clear and prevent algae growth.

Could you list the steps for beginners to manage pool chemicals effectively?

Firstly, we must regularly test the water to understand what chemicals are needed. The essential steps include balancing the pH, managing the alkalinity, ensuring proper sanitizer levels, shocking the pool weekly, and adding algaecide as a preventative measure.

What are the most cost-effective chemicals for keeping a swimming pool clean?

To keep our pool clean without overspending, we usually opt for tablets or granular forms of chlorine, which are among the most cost-effective options. We frequently compare prices and buy in bulk where possible, also ensuring to store the chemicals in a cool, dry place to maintain their efficacy.

What should be considered when purchasing chemicals for an above-ground pool?

When purchasing chemicals for an above-ground pool, we need to consider the pool’s volume, the type of liner, and the filtration system. We ensure that the chemicals are compatible with the pool materials and equipment, and we always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for dosage and application.